OCL Hall

This well-maintained, 1900 sq. ft., hall accommodates up to 80 seated guests and is perfect for wedding banquets, parties, family gatherings, board meetings and community functions. Rental includes 15 round and 9 rectangular tables, 120 cushioned chairs, refrigerated bar and full commercial kitchen facilities. A 10′ screen, HDMI LCD projector and PA system are also included.


By signing the OCL RENTAL AGREEMENT the renter recognizes and assumes all risks specific to organizing events and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all people at the hall and will ensure that orderly conduct is maintained both inside and outside the hall throughout your event. The renter agrees to follow all Government of Alberta and City of Edmonton public health orders and bylaws during the rental. Failure to fully comply may result in your rental being cancelled or shut down without refund. Fire regulations limit the number of seated guests to 120 in our hall, however with our playschool now taking up space in our hall, the event capacity has been reduced to 80 guests.

NOTE: as of Sept 15th AHS has reduced indoor gatherings to 1/3 fire capacity = 40. In response to AHS’s ever-changing restrictions OCL reserves the right to cancel your event giving you as much advance notice as possible. If you are forced to cancel due to restrictions, we will provide a FULL refund of all payments received in relation to this rental agreement.



Look for your date!

The tentative hall bookings for the various groups and rental parties.

This page is simply a guide; we reserve the right to refuse applications for any particular date/time, regardless of whether or not it appears to be available on this calendar.

Small Meetings

Offered to members only, a minimum of 3 hours @ $50.00/hour for small meetings and parties of under 50 people (a janitorial fee of $75.00 will be added if the kitchen is used in ANY capacity and the standard $600 damage deposit is required).

Members live within the Ottewell Community and hold a current membership card/number (Non-Members reside outside the geographical boundary of the Ottewell Community).

The rental fee is due at the time of booking; payment will be deposited at that time. If you need to cancel, you must inform us in writing no less than 10 days prior to the date of your event for a full refund. If THE RENTER cancels this agreement more than 10 days prior to the event date, THE RENTER will receive a full refund of fees paid. Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the event date will receive a refund of their damage deposit but NO refund of the Rental Fee. If for any reason THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE is unable to honour a booking, all monies paid will be fully refunded to THE RENTER.

A Damage Deposit of $600.00 will be required for ALL rentals (including small meetings & parties), due on or prior to the date of rental, which will be refunded minus any extra ordinary cleaning or repair costs. We accept personal cheques from OCL Members that can simply be voided, however NON-members must provide the damage deposit in CASH or CREDIT CARD only.
Renters that are serving liquor MUST have a valid liquor license (by law) as well as Event Insurance and provide copies of both to the Hall Manager prior to the event. Please stipulate Ottewell Community League as “3rd Party Insured” on your policy if possible.

Event Insurance Links:


Commercial Use Policy

According to the Tripartite Agreement with the City of Edmonton, OCL is not allowed to rent the hall to persons, private businesses or organizations that want to hold an event for the purpose of conducting business (selling or promoting a product or service) for profit. According to the agreement; “League facilities cannot be used for commercial purposes, which are defined as “commercial, retail, business, or merchandising activity or undertaking, profession, trade, occupation, or an activity providing goods or services by a for-profit entity.” OCL is also not allowed to rent the hall for anything illegal or in violation of City bylaw, and must… “Endeavor at all times to avoid annoyance or inconvenience to residents [near the facility] by reason of public safety concerns, noise, or activities likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of their premises by the neighborhood residents.” An example of this type of event are birthday and/or graduation celebrations where alcohol is being served to many (50-120) young people, as this can be an invitation to others completely outside the scope and control of the invited guest list (word of a party can be readily and quickly spread city-wide through social media networks), and therefore the possibility of unwanted persons entering our community becomes a very real possibility. Ticket Sale Events are NOT permitted at Ottewell Community… “events where the host is selling tickets for the event to the general public and there is no way of knowing how many will attend. Such events require a fully licensed public venue such as a restaurant, pub or theatre, etc.” OCL therefore reserves the right to, according to the Hall Manager’s discretion, deny rental to any party that they believe could potentially be in violation of the (above) tenets and rules contained in the Tripartite Agreement we have with the City of Edmonton.

Hall access is through a 4-digit PIN code provided a few hours prior to the start of your event. As the code holder you are required to always secure all entries and exits whenever you (the code holder) are not on the premises, even if someone else is still there.

If you would like to rent Ottewell Hall, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the…

Rental Agreement


Let us know if you need catering, bar tending or extra lighting and sound services as we can refer you to third-party people and companies (prices established by these people/companies).

If the information on this site does not satisfy your questions, or you need immediate response, please call or text the Hall Manager (during normal working hours) at….780-908-5249