Drive in Movie Screening at Bonnie Doon!

Drive-in Movie Screening happening at Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre parking lot on Saturday, May 29 at 10 PM. This event is happening as part of MZD’s REELING: Dance on Screen

REELING: Dance on Screen is a series of short film screenings produced by Mile Zero Dance, every second year.

Each time the breadth, scope, and quality improves greatly along with technical knowhow, as the form expands and more filmmakers become aware of dance as a viable medium.

Dancers across the planet have been working within constraints as they make work, alone at home or in vast locations. This year’s selected films come with strong themes of cultural representation and are from various countries including Brazil, Cuba, Tokyo, Uganda and more! Many of the selected pieces carry support for Black Lives Matter, and celebrate diverse bodies and abilities.

Watch for dances that take over buildings and environments, and dances that take minimalism and the body to new artistic levels!


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