Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in

Author Unknown

Ottewell is a fantastic place to live, raise a family, and enjoy events and programs with your neighbours! We are constantly making improvements, which would not be possible without YOU, the Community members. There are so many opportunities to make a difference in your community.

Currently Looking For:

Ottewell farmers market logo of fork in heart

Thursday Market Volunteers.

Help us set up, facilitate, and answer any questions vendors might have in our local community league!

You don’t need to come every Thursday, we’re looking to build a roster of available volunteers.

Typical hours are from 1:30 to greet the vendors and assist with marketing opening until 7pm. We can adjust the schedule to meet your needs.

woman taking picture using camera

Website Content Creators

Are you interested in photography, telling stories, or connecting people to programs and events they love?

We’re looking to bring more hands on deck to build up our website to be all thigs Ottewell.

No experience necessary, wordpress training provided. Commitment is 2-4 hours / per month that you can do from home with your computer.

crop woman using laptop on sofa at home

Southeast Voice Liason

Brush up on your writing skills while you help keep the community connected, write about current events, and coordinate the different volunteers to submit updates for their area of focus.

All you need is a few hours a month, a computer, and a willingness to learn. We’ll teach you how to do the rest!

General Volunteer Opportunities

You can:

  • Volunteer at the next community event
  • Coach a sports team
  • Attend a Board meeting
  • Help out at the rink
  • Work a bingo
  • Even do something as simple as shovelling your neighbour’s walk!

The Ottewell Community League Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm from August to June, with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the May meeting. Anyone is free to attend these board meetings; however, only those community members who live within Ottewell Community Proper have the right to vote on matters discussed.

Become an active member… share your ideas today and together, we can make our community even better tomorrow!

Email  ottewell2212@gmail.com to ask about how you want to get involved within the Community League or at a board level.