Ottewell Celebrates 60 years !!

It has become very apparent to me that in Ottewell Community we have many historians to share many stories!

Connecting with longtime residents , hearing in there voices the love that is shared for this community.

“When we bought our lot in Ottewell, we had no neighbors empty dirt fields, no paved roads, open spaces with much anticipation of what will be!”

We have lived in this community for over 58 years, watch our 4 boys grow into adults and leave our Ottewell home for bright a future. Memories of neighbors children’s pool parties in the summer, and forts built over garbage stands with left over lumber in the alley brought smiles to our boys faces. Not every home had a garage, or fence neighbors supported each other helping in anyway they could, even if it was to supervise! “
We have stayed in our home, in this community for these many years, because the sense of community spirit is so strong that we could not imagine living anywhere else!

Watching young families stroll the streets with dogs and kids in tow, warms our heart thinking that this next generation that has moved into the community will love Ottewell as much as we do!

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