July 1 Vendor Line Up!

Ottewell farmers market logo of fork in heart

Chalk & Tea Creations

Green Thumb Bakery – Vegan Bakery

Gypsy Gardens

Jamaican chefmon – Jamaican patties and Sauces

Little Lemon – Lemonade Stand

Maggie’s Perogies – Fresh Made

PJ Plus size Creations – seamstress

Sweet Stix – Ice Pops

That Butcher’s Son = Bratwurst Cart

Omen Brewery

Going Nuts Donuts – Food Truck

Live Music – “Old Man Band” on site to entertain you !

Although it will be a beautiful summer market day, we want our shoppers to please keep in mind that we are in the middle of an extreme heat wave and we recommend that YOU our shoppers take extra care in protecting yourselves from this heat, including but not limited to:

** Stay Hydrated **

**Wear Sunscreen** 

**Limiting your time in the direct hot SUN!**

Also we will have bottle water for sale to support your community league