As the leaves start to change and pumpkin spice lattes come back into season, it is easy to forget about our growing list of yard maintenance to do next spring. However, did you know that sealing up holes on your property, like under your deck, shed, and porch, can help keep coyotes from denning in your yard next season? 

Coyotes can be attracted to any unsealed hole on your property that may be an attractive place to burrow in the spring to have their pups. Coyotes mate between January and March and rear pups through early summer, during which time they may be more protective and defensive. Young animals usually disperse in the fall, but they may also remain in family groups throughout the winter. 

You can also help keep your coyote neighbors wild and decrease coyote conflict by:

  • Never feeding a coyote.
  • Clearing away bushes along the edges of your yard and trimming trees.
  • Keeping your property free of garbage and secure compost in containers.
  • Removing fallen tree fruit, dense shrubbery, and pet waste. 
  • Avoid leaving small pets outside unsupervised.

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